Philippe Darees, singer, musician and composer, started learning the classical guitar the age of 12, then studied and taught himself other styles of guitar playing. He soon started playing with an accordionist and old college friend, Jacques Ferchit. Together they started playing at local shows. Later, Philippe turned professional and worked in various well-known dance bands, among which, the Jacques Hélian orchestra.

Philippe has played on many recording sessions and worked as a sideman for many French singing stars such as, Colette Renard, Juliette Greco, Charles Trenet, Nicole Croisille, Sacha Distel...


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Sur les toits de Paris


De L'Atlantique À L'Oural
Tour video

Nos baisers, nos larmes
Offical Video Clip

L'âme slave
Official Video Clip

Sous notre toit
Live - Moscow

Live in Moscow
Park Arts Krasnaya Presnya

La Bohème
Cirque de Moscou


Jacques Ferchit
Accordionist, arranger and composer

Jacques Ferchit is Philippe Darées’s longtime friend. Accompanist for famous artists, he is too one of the most talented current accordionist.

Guillaume Singer

Specialist of Stéphane Grappelli, he regularly plays with the greatest gypsy jazz musicians. He also participates as a "side man" in multiple projects and international tours.


Famous gypsy guitarist! To date, he has recorded twenty albums, written guitar methods, established schools, and played with just about everyone. We can say that the current dynamism of gypsy jazz owes him a lot!

Alexis Darées

Like his father, he chose the path of music. He follows the jazz formation of the American School in Paris, goes through many musical genres to finally return to his roots. Another family affair.

Michel Cerny
Double bass

Michel Cerny is also a friend of Philippe Darées. He invests himself in this project, mixing French song and manouche jazz, reinforcing the swing spirit of the band.

Michel Cerny
Contrebassiste de Jazz

Michel Cerny est également un ami de Philippe Darées. Il vient s’investir dans ce projet de chanson française, renforçant ainsi l’esprit swing du groupe.


Репортаж с концерта Филиппа Дареса от Радио Диалог:

Филипп Дарес: "Из Парижа с любовью"

Программу «Из Парижа с любовью» представил в Jam Club Андрея Макаревича певец, гитарист и композитор Филипп Дарес. Гости клуба – любители французского шансона – погрузились в пространство улочек Парижа с их уютными кафе и ностальгическими звуками аккордеона.
Филипп Дарес начал заниматься классической гитарой в 12 лет. Самостоятельно овладел различными стилями игры. И это позволило ему работать с известными коллективами, к примеру, оркестром Жака Элиана. Филипп Дарес как аккомпанировал звездам французской песни – Жюльет Греко, Саше Дистель, Колет Ренар, Шарлю Трене. Так и сам пел в легендарных кабаре «Мулен Руж», «Лидо», «Паради Латэн».

Report (REN TV / Izvestia)

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